Andi Clark, RDH, SSH has eleven years’ experience as a Registered Dental Hygienist. While dental offices rarely if ever have to deal with life-threatening emergencies, she knows how important it is to be prepared. Whether a patient has an adverse reaction to an anesthetic, an elderly patient has a cardiac arrest, or there is a fire in the building, a dedicated game plan is essential. Each staff member in a dental practice needs to know their role separately and collectively to have an effective response team.

She explains that, “Just having an OSHA poster prominently displayed isn’t enough to ensure the workplace is safe”. And the safety and health precautions extend to the patients and office visitors and not just the workplace employees. It is helpful if the dentist and staff are trained as a unit on basic safety guidelines such as:

1. Learning CPR as a cohesive group for life-threatening situations
2. Providing safe and accessible building exits in case of fire or other emergency
3. Limiting radiation exposure if x-ray equipment is used
4. Dealing properly with hazardous chemicals and materials
5. Taking precautions with Bloodborne Pathogens and sharp needles
6. Having certain equipment on hand to treat medical emergencies

Odds are you won’t have to perform CPR on any patient or deal with evacuation during a fire. In the event you do experience critical events, you need the fastest and most comprehensive response possible.

As a certified Specialist in Safety & Health (SSH) and a Registered Dental Hygienist, Andi Clark, RDH, SSH is truly focused on healthcare in the workplace. Her consulting firm, TRAINING’S DONE has one mission — making workplaces safer by providing exceptional health and safety education and accessible training and consulting. It’s not just her line of work—it’s her passion. Andi enjoys helping dental and medical practices, and schools and daycares better prepare for a safe environment.

Andi brings the classroom to you — easy to work with, flexible, and available. Let TRAINING’S DONE be your complete Health & Safety resource to put your mind at ease. The best part is at the end of Andi’s training session, you can check an important requirement off your list – TRAINING’S DONE!

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