Training’s Done brings the classroom course right to your daycare center to fulfill your Oklahoma Department of Human Services Child Care Services licensing requirements. The Heartsaver Pediatric First Aid CPR onsite classroom course is designed to meet the training needs of child care providers in Oklahoma while also being a comprehensive resource for parents, grandparents, teachers, babysitters or anyone responsible for the safety of children. This is a classroom, Instructor-led course that teaches daycare providers to respond to and manage illnesses and injuries in a child or infant in the first few minutes until professional help arrives.

The Child Care Facilities Licensing Act defines programs that are required to be licensed. Each program has their own minimum licensing requirements for the protection of children’s health, safety and well-being. Requirements exist that cover child care centers, family child care homes and large child care homes, part-day programs, and school-age programs, summer day camps, residential child care facilities, and child placing agencies.

Why Daycare Workers Need CPR and First Aid Training
Health and safety training is critical for child care providers. Well-trained child care providers know how to reduce the risk of illness and injury to the children in their care. New federal requirements have named eleven health and safety training topics that will be required for child care providers.

As a child care provider, you should know what to look for in signs of a child being in a medical struggle. This could be anything from breathing issues to choking on small objects. You may need to administer CPR or stop an epileptic seizure. This class provides the necessary education and hand-on training to provide CPR and First Aid.

Sometimes it takes a while for medical personnel to respond at your site, and in those minutes, your CPR and First Aid training could mean the difference between life and death while waiting for help to arrive.

About the Course
Heartsaver CPR & Heartsaver First Aid for Day Care Providers certification course is designed to teach the fundamentals of providing CPR on the adult, child and/or infant victim and first aid basics for the day care center in accordance of the Department of Human Services requirements. This course also includes instruction on the use of the Automated External Defibrillator (AED). Required book for the course is the American Heart Association Book: Heartsaver CPR plus Heartsaver First Aid. The book cost is $15.50.

A certificate is provided at the end of the course for your DHS continuing education credit.

About the Instructor
Andi Clark, RDH, SSH is a certified instructor for CPR through the American Heart Association. Andi has field experience to function professionally in a variety of settings providing quality Health and Safety Services training. Her credentials also include Specialist in Safety & Health (SSH) in Healthcare through the OSHA Training Institute Education Centers at the University of Texas at Arlington. She not only has a strong passion for child care safety, but personal safety as well. She is keen on prevailing laws and regulations related to daycare standards.

Andi brings the classroom to you — easy to work with, flexible, and available. Let TRAINING’S DONE be your complete Heartsaver CPR and First Aid training resource for your child care program. The best part is at the end of Andi’s training session, you can check an important requirement off your list – TRAINING’S DONE!

If your daycare center is ready to fulfill the CPR and First Aid licensing requirements, call Andi today 918-577-1413!

Andi Clark, RDH, SSH
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